Posted by Brent Hunter Watts on Oct 13, 2018
Every 2nd Friday of the month one of our own, Pastor Dale stands up during happy dollars and cries out "for any of you that want an opportunity to serve, Family Hope Food Fair is tomorrow". This quite simply is one of my favorite and consistent Happy Dollar moments, especially the following day as many of our members arrive to assist with the distribution of food to those in need.
This week we had a contingent of 9 Rotarians who came out to serve and lead over 100 other volunteers, and these are the times I am most proud to be a Rotarian and specifically with the Brazos River Club. Why you ask, I’ll tell you the reasons - in a year that the motto for Rotary is “Be the Inspiration”:
  1. We are extremely lucky to have an opportunity to help the community in ways most clubs simply don’t have. In other clubs if you want to volunteer, you must go to other charities to participate, not one where you spend time every week with the Executive Director and believe in him and his mission.
  2. It gives me a lead to follow as I watch and learn from other Rotarians, as they step up to make sure things happen and make the event runs smoothly.
  3. In a year that thankfully has not had a natural disaster. that has helped define the Brazos River Club in the past, we have a member with a mission that we should all be able to get behind to help to continue to define this group in this community.
  4. It allows me to show my kids, that even if you don’t have the money to assist those less fortunate than you, there are ways to impact the lives of others with effort and willingness and candidly the reward is better.
  5. It allows me to thank those people who don’t sit by and watch others make a difference, they are the difference makers. Thank you - Dale and Ron and Frank and Gene and Karen and Bill and Tram and Blane and Rudy and Don and Blair and all the others who often give up at least part their 2nd Saturday of the month to make a difference.
A man once said “Community is a large family and who do you go to when you are in need, your family. I have, not only, an obligation but a willingness to make sure my family is taken care of.”
Thank you for allowing me the be a part of your family!