With the District Governors pending visit this Friday, we thought it would be pertinent to introduce everyone to some of the necessary protocols for his visit. As Bill has visited with us in the past to discuss fundraising I am sure there is a high level of comfort with him, however there are some rules that we need to follow.
Here is the abridged version:
Proper protocol is based on common courtesy to the District Governor, the governor’s spouse, and/or the Governor’s official representative.
  1. Plan a “Family of Rotary” meeting by inviting spouses, past members, Past District Governor’s, friends and potential Rotarians to the District Governor’s presentation.
  2. Plan for your Board to meet with the DG for one hour to discuss your plans for the year and to review the planning book you delivered to the DG in June.
  3. Plan to have the DG induct new members, award Paul Harris Fellows, Paul Harris Society members, Bequest Society members, attendance awards, etc. Please let the DG know you will want to do this.
  4. In honor of the office of DG it is appropriate to have the members stand when the DG begins the presentation and again when the presentation is ended.
MEALS:  Meals associated with the official visit should be provided at no cost to the Governor and the Governor’s spouse.  Always check on dietary restrictions, or special requests for certain types of food or beverages.  Whenever possible, please see that the Governor is one of the first served, so that the Governor can complete the meal prior to the speech.
CLUB MEETING:  The District Governor is the program for the day.  DO NOT schedule any other program on the day of the official visit.  If there is a head table, the Governor, the Governor’s spouse, and the Assistant Governor should be seated at that table.  If no head table is used, please see that the Governor is seated where there is ready access to the podium.
The Governor’s introduction should be relatively short, pertinent, factual, and enthusiastic and given by the Assistant Governor.  A copy of the Governor’s bio will be made available.  Be sure to introduce any other visiting dignitaries, Past District Governors, city officials or members of the audience that you feel the governor should recognize. 
Remember, the Governor and the clubs of the district are a team who are working together to carry out the goals and objectives of the club and Rotary International.  Getting to know each other and developing mutual enthusiasm is the secret to a successful Rotary year. 
DISTRICT GOVERNOR’S SPOUSE:  The Governor’s spouse is to be accorded the same respect as the Governor.  If the spouse is a Rotarian, recognize that fact during the introductions.  The spouse may wish to attend all of the meetings and may well be a part of the Governor’s program.  If not a member of Rotary, check with the Governor and determine if special arrangements will be necessary to entertain the spouse at any time during the visit.
GENERAL:  Relax!  The Governor is a Rotarian just like you and the members of your club!  One of the Governor’s goals is to see you and your club be successful and receive your Presidential Citation!  See and use their help!