Posted by Brent Watts
Here is the problem, I dreamed of people and issues that I am just starting to understand and the only person in my local rotary club that visited me in my dream was…..Andrew Van Chau; NOT Pastor Dale or Reverend Doctor Chaplin Colonel Ron Duncan giving me some well advised spiritual guidance, NOT Mark Hippler making me one of his world famous Markaritas, NOT Susan Tomchesson and her board of illustrious ladies at a board meeting (which was a pretty fun event in itself) OR for that matter any number of lovely ladies from Brazos River Rotary with their big Kentucky Derby hats - nope, just Andrew in one of his many Hawaiian shirts.
Which I guess makes sense, we have spent a few hours speaking over the last few months and he did take me to a pretty incredible Vietnamese restaurant in Little Vietnam on the way back from the Rotary Membership Seminar. In my dream, Andrew was pontificating on a subject he discussed on the way back from the membership seminar about having a district member who should work with Rotarians who are moving into the area or moving in the city, trying to find a new club. Which, by the way, you should ask him about because his theory is quite genius.
So again, in my dream, there is Andrew, Carmen Cuneo, Gary Gillen, Sanjay Sharma, Jeff Thompson and one of the instructors from the membership seminar talking about various subjects concerning Rotary in a small cabin you can rent in Dinosaur Valley State Park. So here is my question, does this mean I am actually staring to appreciate Rotary more or did I just have a Rotary NIGHTMARE?
Have you had your Rotary Dream yet?