Posted by Brent Watts
Week 3 of my journey to 61:
Started on Monday with a visit to the Rotary Club of River Oaks / Galleria. This is an older lunch club that has merged 2 clubs together in the last 10 years. The meeting with at the Lifetime Fitness Racquet Club in Galleria Mall – This is visit #4.
The venue was a little hard to find and I barely made it on time, however my partner in crime Jeanne, was a few minutes late. The speaker was Jimmy Leon one of the AG’s from our region; he spoke about the mission for 2017 of Rotary. This was the most expensive club I went to visit at $25.00 and I was informed that the weekly lunch was included in the dues.
This club, in terms of average age in attendance, was the oldest.
Interesting Fact:
  • The 2 Clubs that merged at one time had 40 and 160 members respectively and that number has dwindled down to 28!
Tuesday off to the Houston Skyline Club to see Renee Bumpass from the Houston Zoo speak about the conservation efforts the Zoo is doing to save endangered species. Best Speaker so far in my Journey. This club was the youngest and the most vibrant club I have seen, they meet on the 43rd floor of the Wedge Building in downtown.  Carmen Cueno was in attendance as was Melissa Williams with iWrite who has spoken to our club; this is her home club.
It was free to attend and if it was your first visit they give you a FREE drink ticket. The meet at 6:00 on Tuesday evenings and have the best Facebook page I have seen so far as well, young people are going to take over the world. #5 down
Interesting Facts:
  • The Incoming President must dress up as a cartoon character at the first meeting they host.
  • They meet 2x per month for Speaker meetings, 1x for a Club social and 1x for a Standing service project.
Wednesday is here and I am headed to my final visit of the week, going to the Club of Sugar Land. This is a lunch club and it was $20.00 to eat lunch, but….it was worth it. This is the best grub so far on the journey.
They had a very good speaker discussing a pretty common topic of Sex Trafficking very interesting, as she debunked some of the sex trafficking myths. This club had a large turnout and the venue was probably the nicest of all the clubs I have visited.
Gary Gillen our District Governor Nominee was visiting this club as well.
Interesting Facts:
  • I did not find out one thing interesting about this club.