Posted by Brent Watts
As the 4th week begins on my adventure to visit the 61 clubs in the district I have knocked 9 off my list.
  1. The Rotary Club of Brazos River - Most Every Week
  2. The Rotary Club of Rosenberg - Wednesday Lunch 6/28
  3. The Rotary Club of Katy - Thursday Lunch 6/29 & 7/20
  4. The Rotary Club of Bear Creek-Copperfield - Thursday Lunch 7/6
  5. The Rotary Club of River Oaks-Galleria Monday Lunch 7/10
  6. The Rotary Club of Houston Skyline - Tuesday Sunset 7/11
  7. The Rotary Club of Sugar Land - Tuesday Lunch 7/12
  8. The Rotary Club of Cinco Ranch - Tuesday Sunrise 7/18
  9. The Rotary Club of Richmond - Tuesday Lunch 7/18
I thought I would share a few opinions about the adventure so far:
Biggest Impact So Far: I had a member of the Katy Rotary messaged me and said that she was inspired and will be visiting a new club every month. - I challenge our group to visit another club monthly as well.
Best Story on my Journey: I met a Rotarian in Cinco Ranch that after a few minutes of conversation I found out was from my wife, Gail's, hometown of Augusta. He kindly asked about the family name, which I told him was Wheatley, which I followed with my father in laws name was Lee. After a slight pause, he asked if Lee was any relation to Ed Wheatley, which I responded to with "I believe that was Lee's father". "Did he build pools"? He asked, "I believe so"...."that sombitch fired me from my first job, I blew gunite for Ed Wheatley a long time ago" 
Best Food So Far: Sugar Land by a long margin. Salads, Green Beans, Chicken crepes. well worth the $20.00
Cheapest Visit So Far: Not including gas, it is a TIE - Houston Skyline with a FREE Drink and Appetizers for 1st time visitors & Cinco Ranch with FREE breakfast for all visitors.
Largest Club Visited So Far: Not sure, but it would be between Katy and Sugar Land, if it was on attendance alone Sugar Land wins.
Best Location So Far: Houston Skyline or Sugar Land
Best Speaker So Far: This is a tough one: I really liked Renee Bumpass from the Houston Zoo who spoke about conservation efforts to the Houston Skyline Club. However, I do not believe anyone was more passionate about his work that Sherriff Troy Nehls, who spoke for our Club last week. I’ll call it a TIE.
Overall this has been pretty fin, but MOST of the easy to get to Clubs have been hit, so 9 might be a little harder to hit in the next 3 weeks. It seems like a lifetime ago I went to the first club, but only 3 weeks.
I have sat through presentations on Sex Trafficking in Houston, Endangered Species Conservation, Emergency Management Preparedness, the State of Affairs in the Ft. Bend County Sheriff’s Office, The Ballard House and a few of the first 100-days presentations from Club presidents.
The cost of attending these clubs ranges from $0.00 for $25.00, the age of the members and attendees covers more than 7 decades (17 to 87) and the clubs have ranged from very small 7 people in attendance to 50+, I have sat with AG’s, DG’s, ADG’s and ADHD’s, but no LAZIES. What I have found that no matter what the age, gender, size of the club, financial capabilities of the club; every Rotarian I have met is proud of the Club which they are a member and what they are doing for the community, large or small. IT MAKES ME PROUD!